Get to know Rexade

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Get to know Rexade

A Season of Rexade

Rexade™ is a new, complete herbicide for all types of wheat. A one-box, one-pass solution, Rexade delivers pure performance on grass and broadleaf weeds, GoDRI™ Rapid Dispersion Technology (RDT) formulation for fast and easy mixing, and multiple modes of action for resistance management. For a 360-degree in-field Rexade experience, press play.
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Rexade VR

Our Rexade virtual reality experience is best enjoyed with our Rexade VR goggles, which is why we’d love to send you a pair. Simply click the link below and complete a short questionnaire to receive your pair in the mail and experience Rexade up-close.
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Diamond Rewards

If you book your Rexade before March 15, 2017 – THIS Wednesday! – you will qualify for maximum early-book savings of up to $5.15/acre. Maximum savings after March 15 are $3.50/acre. Choose the complete wheat herbicide and get rewarded in more ways than one.

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