This spring, choose more than just glyphosate

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This spring, choose more than just glyphosate

Glyphosate Alone

If you want to get your cereal crops off to the best start possible this spring, glyphosate alone is not enough. When you choose a pre-seed cereal herbicide that contains SoilActive™ technology, you control weeds on the surface and underneath it. The SoilActive technology found in Dow AgroSciences products like Paradigm™, PrePass™ XC, PrePass Flex and Korrex™ II not only control weeds visible on the surface, but also control any weeds that try to emerge for up to two weeks after you spray.

We’d like to hear from you on why you think glyphosate alone is not enough. Tell us why you add a pre-seed tank mix to your glyphosate and we’ll send you a $10 Tim Hortons gift card.
Get a clean start this spring with Dow AgroSciences pre-seed products

Pre-Seed Products

When trying to manage resistance and control tough weeds, flushing weeds and hard-to-control volunteer canola, glyphosate alone is not enough. Our line of cereal pre-seed products including Paradigm, PrePass XC, PrePass Flex and Korrex II combine the best broad-spectrum weed control with resistance management and SoilActive technology. No matter your problem this spring, we have a pre-seed product that will give you the clean start you need. Click here to learn more on which pre-seed product is right for you.

Plus, when you early book your pre-seed product by March 15, 2017, you can save up to $5.15 with Diamond Rewards.
New for 2017: Paradigm for Pre-seed


You may know Paradigm as a tough broadleaf product with Arylex™ active GO benefits. New for 2017, we are pleased to introduce Paradigm for pre-seed weed control. Hear Dow AgroSciences Product Manager Mark Alberts share why we’re bringing this technology to the pre-seed market and the benefits it will provide growers this season.

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