Avoid expensive idling this spring

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Avoid expensive idling this spring


A challenging harvest in 2016 has added a few extra items onto your to-do list this spring. With spring around the corner, there are a few steps you can take now to ensure you can hit the ground running. Grainews recently published an article with tips to help you increase your spraying efficiency including a sprayer efficiency calculator. Created by sprayers101.com, this tool calculates the productivity of your sprayer to avoid expensive idling.
Want worry-free weed control?


Pixxaro™ allows you to put yourself in control and Just GO. With Arylex™ active’s Just GO benefits, you can spray when you want and know you will get the performance you need. Plus, tank mix with Simplicity™ GoDRI™ or Liquid Achieve™ to maximize your control of troublesome grass weeds. Purchase Pixxaro now and have confidence that whatever spring brings, you have a solution that will deliver and won’t slow you down.
A game-changing tool for broadleaf weed control


This spring, efficiency is key. We are committed to providing you with game-changing tools to help you increase your efficiency and productivity. Arylex active products including Pixxaro, Paradigm™, Rexade™ and Cirpreme™ provide powerful control over a wide spectrum of broadleaf weeds at low use rates with low environmental load. Its alternative mode of action helps Arylex active manage resistant weed biotypes and provide consistent weed control across variable climatic conditions in cereals and other crops.

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