Why do we invest in formulations?

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Why do we invest in formulations?


The cost to bring a new product to market is approximately $250 million, so why do we invest in formulations? Formulations are where our customers experience our science at work. Our formulations go beyond exceptional weed control with the customer experience top of mind. Grainews talked to Kelly Bennett, Product Leader with Dow AgroSciences, about the process of thinking up, producing and marketing our unique formulations.
Brandon Downer discusses formulation development

Brandon Downer

All-in-one formulations combine excellent weed control with unbeatable convenience. Our XL formulations – OcTTain™ XL, Stellar™ XL and Prestige™ XL – are easy to use and provide superior control of broadleaf weeds. Our lead application specialist, Brandon Downer, discusses why we invest in our customer-first formulations and the significance of these innovations for our customers.
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