Introducing Rexade – the new complete wheat herbicide

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Introducing Rexade – the new complete wheat herbicide


This spring, efficiency is key. We know that in order to increase your efficiency, you want convenient, easy-to-use and high performing products – that’s why we created Rexade™. Rexade is our NEW complete wheat herbicide solution. It’s one box, one pass and one easy decision for complete grass and broadleaf weed control, no tank mixing required.
It’s time to put your new VR goggles to use

VR Goggles

On March 13, we asked you a few questions about the grass and broadleaf herbicides you are currently using on your wheat acres and sent you VR goggles in return. This is what we found out:
  • 57% of respondents use the same grass and broadleaf herbicides for all of their wheat acres.
  • 76% of respondents prefer one-box formulations to tank mixing.
  • Those who prefer one-box formulations believe they are easier to use, more convenient, more efficient and leave less opportunity for error.
  • Those that prefer tank-mix formulations believe they are more flexible, easier to handle, provide more mixing options and offer the grower better control of the formulations.
Now that you have VR goggles, Dow AgroSciences has multiple field tours you can experience. Did you know that there are other ways you can use your new VR goggles? You can throw yourself into the middle of an NHL game, a NASCAR race, an unexpected snowstorm in Antarctica, or even go skydiving with the GoPro Bombsquad. Click the link below for more VR experiences from YouTube. On your smartphone, ensure you view these on the YouTube app rather than in your browser.
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