Facing the facts about herbicide resistance

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Facing the facts about herbicide resistance


Herbicide resistance is a popular topic in agriculture today, and rightfully so. With such an abundant amount of information available on the topic, we decided to uncover some common myths and set the record straight. From plants becoming resistant to entire herbicide groups, to herbicide resistance mitigation being too expensive to lore about multiple-modes of actions – we’re busting the common myths.
It’s time to upgrade to OcTTain XL

OcTTain XL Video

If you haven’t upgraded to OcTTain™ XL, why not? As the standard for kochia and wild buckwheat control, OcTTain XL offers superior crop safety even on Group 4 resistant weeds. Why? As featured in our myth busters video above, not all Group 4’s are treated equal – plants only become resistant to sub groups. With one out of three fields in the brown soil zone being treated with OcTTain, isn’t it time you upgraded?
It’s not too late to achieve XL savings this spring

Diamond Rewards

Are you still hoping for some XL savings this spring? Don’t leave money on the table. It’s not too late to save with our Diamond Rewards program. When you purchase our OcTTain XL and Liquid Achieve tank mix you are eligible for up to $3.50 per acre in savings. Calculate your potential savings online.

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