"Stop and Ask" to ensure everyone is safe on your farm this spring

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"Stop and Ask" to ensure everyone is safe on your farm this spring

Stop and Ask

As you gear up for spring, it’s important to keep farm safety top of mind to protect yourself, your family and employees.

This short video, produced in partnership with the Canadian Agricultural Safety Association and Canadian Ag Safety Week, outlines a variety of ways everyone on the farm can “stop and ask” about potential dangers.

To learn more about farm safety and CASA initiatives, click here.
Choose more than just glyphosate

SoilActive Technology

Getting your crop off to the best start possible takes more than glyphosate alone in a pre-seed application. SoilActive™ technology found in solutions like Paradigm™, Korrex™ II, PrePass™ XC and PrePass FLEX control weeds above and beneath the surface for up to two weeks after you spray. Learn more about how solutions with SoilActive can save you time this spring.
What pre-seed product is right for you?

Pre-Seed Products

Our line of pre-seed solutions combine the best broad-spectrum weed control with resistance management and SoilActive technology. No matter your challenge this spring, we have a pre-seed solution that will give you the clean start you need. Choose from our broad portfolio of pre-seed products to find the best fit for your farm.

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