Canada Thistle - Getting to the root of the problem

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Canada thistle – getting to the root of the problem

Thistle Video

Canada thistle can cause greater crop losses than any other perennial broadleaf weed in western Canada. Because of its extensive lateral root system, many herbicides only target the top of the plant and don’t make a dent in the plant’s persistence for future years. In order to properly control Canada thistle, it’s important that you understand the root of this challenging weed problem. To learn more about Canada thistle, watch this short video.
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Canada thistle is one of the most persistent, tough-to-kill weeds on the Prairies. Yield losses can be as high as 70 per cent. To effectively control this devastating weed, you need a product that translocates deep into the root zone. Dow AgroSciences has four herbicides that provide the best thistle control available on the market today. Use this product comparison sheet to find out which herbicide is right for you.
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