Improve your spring efficiency by calibrating your sprayer

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Improve your spring efficiency by calibrating your sprayer


Seed is getting into the ground and you’re likely already seeing those hard-to-control spring weeds popping up. When it comes to spring weed control, spraying at the optimal time, using the optimal product, with the optimal equipment are all extremely important. Take a look at these nine easy steps to calibrating your sprayer from Sprayers 101 and get your equipment off to an efficient start.
Get more good spray days

Spray Days

What could you do with a few more good spray days each spring? Finish spraying earlier and head to the lake, or get a few more jobs done around the farm? With Arylex™ Active products Paradigm™, Pixxaro™ and Cirpreme™, you can get back the spray days that you used to have to sit out. We created a handy tool to show you, based on your geography and historical weather data, exactly how many spray days you could’ve earned back with Arylex Active products.
What’s the best fit on your farm?

Paradigm and Pixxaro

How do I choose between Paradigm and Pixxaro for broadleaf weed control in cereals? They both offer the GO benefits of Arylex active, so you can spray big or small weeds, in large or small crops and hot or cold weather. However, Pixxaro offers unbeatable control of kochia if that is your concern, and is an excellent tank mix partner with any grass weed product. Paradigm, on the other hand, comes in a convenient GoDRI™ formulation, offers resistance management with its Multi Mode of Action, and is the perfect tank mix partner for Simplicity™ GoDRI.

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