Why a fall pre-seed application is your best option

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Why a fall pre-seed application is your best option

Canada Thistle

In the fall, both dandelion and Canada thistle work to move sugars into their root systems. This allows them to overwinter and quickly get back to wreaking havoc in your fields in the spring. By attacking these problem weeds in the fall with a pre-seed burn off, you ensure the roots are stopped in their tracks and don’t come back in the spring. Don’t let your perennial weeds get ahead of you, use a Dow AgroSciences pre-seed product this fall to get off to a clean start next spring.
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Pre-seed Fall Offer

Put your fields to rest in the best possible condition this fall so you can get ahead in your cereals next spring. When you do, you’ll have the opportunity to save up to $1.50 per acre when you purchase Korrex™ II or $0.75 per acre when you purchase PrePass™ XC or PrePass FLEX. Time is running out to take advantage of these savings. See your retailer today!
Canola harvested? Time to apply your fall pre-seed

Korrex II

Tighter rotations, reduced tillage and resistant weeds make it hard to get a truly clean pre-seed burndown with glyphosate alone. With Korrex II, you’ll leave nothing behind on the surface, or under the surface. With its SoilActive™ technology, Korrex II will end your weed anxiety by providing you with superior control of kochia, including glyphosate resistant biotypes. Check one to-do off your list this fall and give your fields the cleanest start possible next spring.
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