Can you identify the weeds controlled by Cirpreme XC?

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Can you identify the weeds controlled by Cirpreme XC?


The fight against weeds can feel like an uphill battle so it’s important to know what you’re up against. Think you know your weeds? Test your knowledge with our latest weed identification quiz! See if you can identify six of the most persistent perennial and broadleaf weeds that are controlled by Cirpreme™ XC. But here’s the twist: they’re dead.

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This powerful combination is the best choice for the cleanest wheat fields

Simplicity GoDRI and Cirpreme XC

For fail-safe control of your worst perennial and annual broadleaf weeds PLUS superior performance on wild oats look no further than Cirpreme XC and Simplicity™ GoDRI™. This powerful tank-mix provides exceptional wild oat and grass weed control plus annual and perennial broadleaf weed control including Canada thistle, dandelion and narrow-leaved hawk’s-beard. Not only that, when you tank mix Cirpreme XC and Simplicity GoDRI you can save up to $3.60 per acre with Diamond Rewards™.
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