How you can win FREE Nexera Canola

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How you can win FREE Nexera canola

Free Seed, Equipment Rebates, Increased Yields

If you’ve been thinking about adding N-Serve™ to your canola and wheat fertility program but are concerned about the cost, you’ll want to hear about our N-Serve offer. As part of our N-Serve offer, we’re offering 16 bags of Nexera™ hybrid seed free to the first 70 growers who purchase a Raven Sidekick™ and at least one tote of N-Serve. Want more information on the Raven Sidekick? Watch the video to learn more.
Maximize your yield with Nitrogen Stabilizers

2015 Field Scale Trial Results

Nitrogen stabilizers are an investment that pays off in profit. When you protect your investment with a nitrogen stabilizer such as N-Serve or eNtrench™, you are keeping your nitrogen in a stable, usable form in the root zone until your crop needs it most. Nitrogen stabilizers help you minimize your nitrogen loss and maximize your yield potential.
Save even more with our Technology Adoption Program

Technology Adoption Program

We recognize that adding nitrogen stabilizers such as N-Serve or eNtrench to your crop management plan comes with a significant up-front cost, and that’s why we developed the Technology Adoption Program (TAP). When you purchase the equipment required to apply our nitrogen stabilizers we are prepared to give you $10,000 or 70% back on the cost of the equipment. All you have to do is sign up and submit your receipts.

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