Control Canada Thistle with Cirpreme XC

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Control Canada thistle with Cirpreme XC

Canada Thistle

When you see it, you just want it gone. But why is it so tough to get rid of Canada thistle and what is the best way to do so? This perennial broadleaf weed is successful because it’s incredibly hardy, has a persistent root system and a powerful ability to reproduce above and below ground level. Cirpreme™ XC provides superior in-crop control of tough weeds like Canada thistle by targeting its root reserves when they’re most susceptible. Watch this video to learn how.
Protect your yield with Cirpreme XC

Cirpreme XC

In order to control tough weeds such as Canada thistle, it’s important to use a product that translocates into the roots. A single in-crop treatment with a root targeting product, such as Cirpreme XC, can control thistles in the year of application and help reduce the thistle population the following year. Plus, it hits thistle plants before they have a chance to compete against your crops – saving soil nutrients for the plants that need it most.
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