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Happy Holidays From Dow AgroSciences


This holiday season, we would like to thank you for choosing Dow AgroSciences to be a part of your farm business in 2017

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Free Up Your Space and Time


Spraying is a demanding time of year and you already work hard enough. You don’t have time to wrangle bulky products so give yourself a break with Dow AgroSciences GoDRI™ and XL formulations.

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Count on the convenience and superior performance of Simplicity GoDRI


This past season, farmers across western Canada saw excellent performance with Simplicity GoDRI. It’s the #1 wild oat herbicide farmers trust to control wild oats, including Group 1 resistant wild oats, Japanese brome and barnyard grass. Simplicity GoDRI’s concentrated formulation means smaller packaging and fewer jugs to open and rinse

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Choose Cirpreme XC™ for fail-safe weed control


Expect more from your perennial and annual broadleaf weed control in 2018. Choose Cirpreme XC. New Cirpreme XC provides superior control of tough weeds like Canada thistle, narrow-leaved hawk’s beard and dandelion. 

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The Importance of Reducing On-Farm Nitrogen Losses


As governments enact carbon-pricing strategies to address climate change, reducing greenhouse gas emissions on-farm becomes more important. Effective use of stabilized nitrogen fertilizers offers tangible environmental benefits.

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From the Field to Your Frying Pan


Canola is big business and with even bigger health benefits, as Nexera Canola is used to produce Omega-9 Canola Oil. Due to the unique fatty-acid profile and versatility of use, this canola oil has been proven to be a healthier oil solution that contains 'heart-healthy' monounsaturated or Omega-9 fats and is void of dangerous trans fats.

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RIP Wild Oats


On June 12, 2017, we launched a Twitter contest using the hashtag #RIPWildOats to learn more about farmer’s experiences with Simplicity™ GoDRI™. Here’s what growers had to say. 

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Top 5 Tips


Controlling winter annual weeds is a key factor in enhancing field conditions and preparing for next spring. As these weeds germinate in the fall and then remain alive under snow throughout the winter, they become primed for resuming their life cycle in early spring. 

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Be an advocate within your community


As spring spraying begins to wrap up, many of you are gearing up for some summer fun with friends and family – some of who might be removed from agriculture. With such an abundant amount of information about agriculture available to the public, there are many misconceptions about controversial topics such as pesticide use, GMOs and environmental stewardship. 

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10 ways to increase efficiency in spring


2016 brought a difficult harvest for many, which amounts to a longer to-do list for spring work on the farm. You may have remaining crop to harvest, burn off or work into the soil, or you just didn’t get a chance to complete fall tasks like applying nitrogen or pre-seed herbicide. We’ve created this checklist to hopefully help you get a handle on your busy spring schedule.

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