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Barley to Beer: How Your Crop Brews


It all begins in the field. The journey your barley takes to become beer is an interesting and complex one. While cultures the world over have been making beer and alcoholic beverages for centuries, the malting process used today is highly scientific and takes barley from seed to malt, so that the malt can complete its journey and ultimately end up in your pint glass.

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Stop and ask, is everyone safe?


This week is Farm Safety Week. With Spring around the corner, there’s an increase of activity on the farm as you prepare for another growing season. On a family farm, where everyone pitches in, it’s important that you take steps to ensure every generation stays safe

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NEW Dow AgroSciences 2018 Field Guide app now available

Field Guide App 2016 Thumbnail

Finding out which Dow AgroSciences products will provide you with what you need in your fields is as easy as downloading the NEW 2018 Field Guide App.

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How this farmer gives his cereals the best possible start


A pre-seed application offers real advantages, but glyphosate alone doesn't provide full control of some winter and spring emerging annuals such as volunteer canola.

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Qualified workers just got easier to find


Agriculture is complex and highly technical. When you’re looking for some extra hands on the farm, you want to make sure you have qualified employees who can get the job done right. 

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Spray when you want with the conditions you've got

Pixxaro Herbicide Arylex Active

Spring is just around the corner, and the last thing you want to worry about this year is weed control. Whatever 2018 throws at you, put yourself in control with Pixxaro™

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Test Your Weed ID Knowledge in the Brown Soil Zone


Knowing which weeds are present gives you the upper hand when planning out your crop management strategy for eliminating weeds. To test your weed knowledge, try out our new weed identification quiz.

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What does pure performance look like?


Pure performance looks like Rexade™ – the one box, one pass solution for grass and broadleaf control in wheat. Rexade’s GoDRI™ formulation disperses quickly for easy mixing and rinses well, leaving your nozzles and screens clean and ready to go.

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What are you doing about herbicide resistant weeds


As the results of the 2016 Manitoba weed survey are finalized and the 2017 Alberta survey begin to be tabulated, a familiar picture is starting to emerge: the incidence of herbicide resistance across the Prairies is very much on the rise…again.

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Engaging in a meaningful conversation at the Agriculture Education Teacher’s Symposium


On November 24, 2017, Dow AgroSciences was invited to participate on the first Agriculture Education Teacher’s Symposium delivered to K to 12 teachers, who were eager to learn more about where food comes from and the effects agriculture has on the economy, culture and environment.

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