10 ways to increase efficiency in spring

2016 brought a difficult harvest for many, which amounts to a longer to-do list for spring work on the farm. You may have remaining crop to harvest, burn off or work into the soil, or you just didn’t get a chance to complete fall tasks like applying nitrogen or pre-seed herbicide. We’ve created this checklist to hopefully help you get a handle on your busy spring schedule.


  1. Harvesting crop still in the field
    • Still have canola you need to get off your fields? CanolaWatch suggests combining canola in the winter rather than waiting for spring to help reduce quality depletion and free up time in spring.
    • The Western Producer also offers some useful tips for harvesting and storing canola in the winter such as monitoring sieves for icing and determining if seed is tough or damp.

  2. Managing crop residue
    • For some, the late harvest didn’t allow fall soil work to be completed. That means trying to fit that into spring which could delay seeding. Manitoba Agriculture shares tips for tillage and managing crop residue.

  3. Getting your seed ready
  4. Preparing your equipment
  5. Early booking your herbicide
    • When you book your in-crop herbicides early, you can save money while crossing one more thing off your to-do list. Early book Dow AgroSciences pre-seed and in-crop herbicides to save up to $5.15 per acre.

  6. Hiring extra labour
  7. Meal preparation
    • With a busy spring schedule, the thought of preparing a meal at the end of the day can be daunting. Check out these 25 simple slow cooker meals that will save you time and money.

  8. Choosing a pre-seed herbicide with SoilActive control
    • Timing your pre-seed herbicide before seeding can sometimes be a challenge – unless you use a pre-seed herbicide with SoilActive™ control like Paradigm™, PrePass™ XC or Korrex™ II. Spray two weeks ahead of seeding and enjoy seeding into clean fields.

  9. Brushing up on farm safety
    • Before spring gets busy and the equipment starts moving, take time to remind your family and staff about farm safety. For great tips and talking points to share with your team, the Canadian Ag Safety Association (CASA) has developed “Toolbox Talks.”
    • Along with CASA, we developed this educational message for kids about the importance of farm safety. No matter the season, encourage your children to “Stop and Ask” about farm safety.

  10. Downloading smart farming apps


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