Top 5 Tips

Before the snow flies, get the upper hand on winter annual weeds. 

Controlling winter annual weeds is a key factor in enhancing field conditions and preparing for next spring. As these weeds germinate in the fall and then remain alive under snow throughout the winter, they become primed for resuming their life cycle in early spring. 

Using a fall pre-seed application will help you control winter weeds, while ensuring your plants have all of the nutrients they need after the snow melts.

Winter annual weeds germinate in the fall and remain alive under the snow through winter – resuming their life cycle early in the spring. To ensure your plants have all the nutrients they need in the spring, it’s important to control winter annuals by using fall pre-seed herbicides. 

Here are some tips for controlling winter annuals and perennials:

  1. Before spraying, identify the weeds1: different winter annuals require different treatment. It’s important to identify the weeds present in your field in order to determine the best method of control
  2. Determine the quality of the leaf tissue2: if the leaf tissue of the perennial plant is still green and relatively pliable, fall herbicide application is still a feasible option. If more than 60% of the original tissue remains, control can still be obtained.  
  3. If you got frost, assess your options3: frost damages leaves may look green, but they’re not healthy and probably won’t take up the herbicide you apply. It’s best to hold off on fall herbicide application until you can evaluate the condition of the leaves and/or look for new growth.  
  4. Spray in the afternoon3: you want to apply herbicides when temperatures are above 10ᵒC; this means that afternoon application is your best bet. In the afternoon, temperatures are warmer and the heavy dew is off the plant. 
  5. If you have dandelions, make sure it’s actively growing before you spray4: the best way to control dandelions is to make sure the plants are actively growing. The weed needs to be healthy and able to take up the herbicide.  



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