Go_ButtonDow AgroSciences' complete cereal herbicide portfolio continues to set the standard in grass and broadleaf weed control. We are redefining weed control performance with new herbicides Paradigm™ and Pixxaro™ with Arylex active, providing farmers with high-performing solutions under a variety of environmental and crop staging conditions. NEW for 2017, RexadeTM and CirpremeTM are the latest from the Arylex active family. 


2018 Corteva Agrisciences™, Unlabelled, Supported Tank Mixes for use in Western Canada         

2018 Tank Mix Rate Guide


To keep fertility where it’s needed to achieve higher yields, Dow AgroSciences has also introduced new nitrogen stabilizers eNtrench™ and N-serve™. Elevate your performance in cereals with Dow AgroSciences innovative solutions. Learn more at Protect Your Nitrogen.




Dithane Rain logo

Dithane™ Rainshield Fungicide

Dithane™ Rainshield fungicide provides broad spectrum disease control and acts on 6 enzymatic pathways in the fungal cell to inhibit spore germination.


Attain logo

Attain™ XC Herbicide

Extra-concentrated excellence on 40 of today’s toughest broadleaf weeds in all soil zones in Western Canada.


Cirpreme™ XC Herbicide

Your worst annual and perennial broadleaf weeds don't stand a chance.

Frontline 2,4 D XC logo

Frontline™ 2, 4-D XC Herbicide

Superior performance on winter annual broadleaf weeds.

Frontlin XL logo

Frontline™ XL Herbicide

Frontline™ XL is the trusted standard in flexible, reliable broadleaf weed control for cereal growers in the black soil zone.

Korrex™ II Herbicide

Control all forms of resistant kochia plus get SoilActive technology to help control tough broadleaf weeds.

Liquid Achieve SC logo

Liquid Achieve™ SC Herbicide

Better value control of grassy weeds in barley and wheat.


Lontrel™ XC Herbicide

The most effective in-season thistle control available – right down to the roots.
OcTTain XL logo

OcTTain™ XL Herbicide

A new level of broadleaf control that’s easy to use, OcTTain XL delivers excellent control of hard-to-control weeds like Group 2 resistant kochia and wild buckwheat. Convenient co-formulation available in 40 ac cases, 240 ac drums and 1280 ac totes. Flexible tank-mix options and excellent crop safety.
Paradigm logo

Paradigm™ Herbicide

More good spray days. Combined with value and ease of use. Just GO.

Pixxaro logo

Pixxaro™ Herbicide

Spray when you want with confidence. Just GO.

Prepass Flex logo

PrePass™ Flex Herbicide

All the performance you've come to expect from PrePass™. Now with greater flexibility.
Prepass XC logo

PrePass™ XC Herbicide

For superior control of winter annuals and broadleaf weeds, nothing hits harder or lasts longer than PrePass™. Used in spring or fall, PrePass™ SC delivers SoilActive™ weed control that lasts 21 days guaranteed. Plus it’s Multi-Mode of Action provides overlapping control of key weeds.
Prestige XC logo

Prestige XC™ Herbicide

Maximize potential. Every acre, clean. For the cleanest cereal crops, year after year, growers trust Prestige™ XC.
Prestige XL logo

Prestige XL™ Herbicide

Maximize potential and convenience. Every acre, clean. For the cleanest cereal crops, year after year, growers can now trust Prestige™ XL.
Rexade Herbicide With Arylex Active

Rexade™ Herbicide

The complete wheat herbicide. UNIQUE all-in-one Rexade delivers pure performance through convenient grass and broadleaf weed control in all types of wheat.

Simplicity logo

Simplicity™ Herbicide

Simplicity™ provides superior performance including elite wild oat and bonus broadleaf weed control plus Group 1 resistance management, tank mix flexibility, crop safety and rotational freedom.
Simplicity GoDRI Logo

Simplicity™ GoDRI Herbicide

Superior performance including elite Group 2 wild oat and bonus broadleaf weed control with no re-cropping restrictions. Now also available in a convenient, easy to use GoDRI formulation.

Spectrum logo

Spectrum™ Herbicide

Spectrum™ delivers exceptional control of dandelion, thistle and hemp nettle in cereals. With two unique active ingredients, Spectrum™ provides your worst broadleaf weed problems in cereals.

Stellar™ XL Herbicide

Stellar performance. Made Easy.

Tandem logo

Tandem™ Herbicide

Control problem grass and broadleaf weeds in wheat – with the tougher, easier, total-acre solution.

VP480™ Herbicide

VP480™ provides effective, non selective weed control, which can be applied pre-seed, chemfallow, or pre or post harvest.


Delegate logo

Delegate™ Insecticide

Rapid knockdown and long lasting control of many pests in a wide range of crops.

Lorsban NT logo

Lorsban™ NT Insecticide

Lorsban™ NT insecticide uses innovative technology to produce a low-odour, water-based formulation of Lorsban™ 4E insecticide. Like its predecessor, Lorsban™ NT offers superb versatility in controlling a wide variety of pests across numerous crops.

Nitrogen Stabilizers

eNtrench logo

eNtrench™ Nitrogen Stabilizer

eNtrench™ is a nitrogen stabilizer that protects your investment by storing nitrogen in the root zone longer to optimize the yield and profit potential of your corn, cereal and canola crops.
NServe logo

N-Serve™ Nitrogen Stabilizer

N-Serve™ is a nitrogen stabilizer that protects your investment by storing nitrogen in the root zone longer to optimize the yield and profit potential of your corn, cereal and canola crops.