To provide you options for your pest control needs in smaller acreage crops, Dow AgroSciences, in partnership with user groups, researchers and other manufacturers, actively supports the PMRA's User Requested Minor Use Label Extension Program.

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Dithane Rain logo

Dithane™ Rainshield Fungicide

Dithane™ Rainshield fungicide provides broad spectrum disease control and acts on 6 enzymatic pathways in the fungal cell to inhibit spore germination.


Goal 2XL logo

Goal™ 2XL Herbicide

A selective herbicide for the control of broadleaf weeds in onions. Goal™ 2XL herbicide also provides temporary suppression of early season red raspberry primocane growth.
Kerb SC logo

Kerb™ SC Herbicide

Kerb™ SC herbicide provides selective weed control in alfalfa, trefoil, ornamentals, strawberry, apple, pear, lowbush blueberry, lettuce and established pasture.

Lontrel™ XC Herbicide

The most effective in-season thistle control available – right down to the roots.
Prestige XC logo

Prestige XC™ Herbicide

Maximize potential. Every acre, clean. For the cleanest cereal crops, year after year, growers trust Prestige™ XC.
Prestige XL logo

Prestige XL™ Herbicide

Maximize potential and convenience. Every acre, clean. For the cleanest cereal crops, year after year, growers can now trust Prestige™ XL.
Rexade Herbicide With Arylex Active

Rexade™ Herbicide

The complete wheat herbicide. UNIQUE all-in-one Rexade delivers pure performance through convenient grass and broadleaf weed control in all types of wheat.


VP480™ Herbicide

VP480™ provides effective, non selective weed control, which can be applied pre-seed, chemfallow, or pre or post harvest.


Intrepid logo

Intrepid™ Insecticide

Intrepid™ initiates a lethal premature molt in specific lepidopterous pests (caterpillars) while not adversely affecting beneficial insects such as bees, predatory mites, beetles, wasps and spiders, making it ideal for Integrated Pest Management systems.