Dow AgroSciences' innovations in insect control are designed to meet the changing needs of potato growers. With a potato product portfolio developed from over 40 years of experience, our newest innovative insecticides offer exceptional control of key insect pests with the benefit of resistance management.

New to Dow AgroSciences, Closer™ insecticide will provide fast control of sucking pests including aphids, while Delegate™ insecticide provides control of chewing pests, such as Colorado Potato Beetle.


Dithane Rain logo

Dithane™ Rainshield Fungicide

Dithane™ Rainshield fungicide provides broad spectrum disease control and acts on 6 enzymatic pathways in the fungal cell to inhibit spore germination.


Closer logo

Closer™ Insecticide

In vegetables, fruit and field crops, Closer™ controls economically important and difficult-to-control scale insects and sap-feeding insects, including aphids and leafhoppers.
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Delegate™ Insecticide

Rapid knockdown and long lasting control of many pests in a wide range of crops.

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Success™ Insecticide

Success™ is a revolutionary bio- insecticide, active on several important insects, with a unique mode of action.