Range & Pasture

Dow AgroSciences' Range and Pasture herbicides are designed to help you grow more grass and improve the health and sustainability of your land. Whether you have invasive weeds, shrubs or brush encroachment in your pastures, we have the solution in our portfolio to help your land reach its grass production potential. Restore™ II, Reclaim™ and Grazon™ for your permanent pastures.

2018 Stewardship Form. Stewardship and Best Practices: Please complete one form per producer per year.

2018 Stewardship and Best Practices Fact Sheet

2018 Range and Pasture Product Guide, Quick Reference Guide, and Invasive Weed Guide.




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Grazon XC logo

Grazon™ XC Herbicide

Complete solution for tree, brush, and broadleaf weed control.


Reclaim™ II Herbicide

The standard for broad spectrum control of tough weeds and shrubs.

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Restore™ II Herbicide

For next generation, broad-spectrum control of invasive plants and broadleaf weeds, look to Restore™ II. Restore™ II increases grass production and sustainability, and comes in an easy-to-use co-formulated solution that does not require mixing. Restore™ II contains a Group 4 active ingredient that works like a natural growth regulating hormone found only in plants. It is absorbed by the leaves and roots, translocating throughout the plant, causing the plant to die.