How different is the new GoDRI formulation?

GoDRI™ RDT™ is a highly concentrated, high-performing, low dose formulation. This new technology disperses quickly, is easy to mix, and will not plug nozzles, screens or filters. It also requires less packaging. All of which adds up to extra convenience and performance. So you can fill a sprayer tank and cover a lot of acres fast.

GoDRI RDT is available in Paradigm™ and Simplicity™ GoDRI herbicides. It’s nothing like old dry formulations. “As the name suggests, the product disperses rapidly and completely for the duration of spraying, ensuring the grower can keep going with our DRI formulations, without any concern of plugging, settling or residue,” says Kerry Freeman, Portfolio Marketing Leader with Dow AgroSciences. "Our GoDRI RDT formulations will deliver the added convenience of smaller packaging, excellent in-tank product performance with a concentrated product that won’t freeze – all without compromising superior weed control."


  • Rapid Dispersion Technology
  • Goes from dry to fully-mixed in seconds
  • Low-dose, highly concentrated formulation
  • Convenient, small-size packaging
  • No residue, no clogging
Simplicity GoDRI Herbicide
Paradigm Herbicide