Growers asked for extra convenience plus performance.

Dow AgroSciences R&D team targeted growers’ expressed needs for extra convenience and performance. The result is the highly concentrated, high-performing dry formulation – GoDRI RDT which is available in new Paradigm™ herbicide. This new technology disperses quickly and will not plug nozzles, screens or filters.

“Paradigm’s GoDRI Rapid Dispersion Technology (RDT) makes it unlike any of the old dry products that growers may have used in the past,” explains Dr. Rory Degenhardt, Dow AgroSciences Research Scientist.  “Newly developed co-formulants are the key to the technology’s rapid dispersion.  With Paradigm, growers can fill a sprayer tank and cover a lot of acres – fast.”

The new GoDRI formulation also has built in herbicide resistance management system delivered through Multi-Mode of Action. Efficacy across varying weather conditions with the convenience of the GoDRI formulation make Paradigm the perfect tank mix partner with Simplicity™ herbicide for complete weed control.

Listen to this interview of Dr. Rory Degenhardt, Dow AgroSciences research scientist discussing what’s new in dry formulation technology with