Glyphosate alone is not enough for post-harvest weed control

With crops coming off across the prairies, many growers are switching gears to prepare for next year’s crop and spraying post-harvest due to extensive weed growth. But when it comes to your post-harvest herbicide, it’s important to know that glyphosate alone may not provide the weed control you need, and may come with unintended risks. 

“While glyphosate in itself is a good application, it does have some gaps on some critical weeds,” says Brian Wintonyk, Dow AgroSciences Agronomy Leader. “Those include winter annuals that can be flushing through the spring season, dandelion, narrow-leaved hawk’s-beard, cleavers and even flixweed. The addition of another molecule or active ingredient with it certainly helps with those early emerging weeds.”

With herbicide resistance making news more and more, Wintonyk stresses the importance of using a herbicide with multiple modes of action – not just glyphosate – to control volunteer Roundup Ready® canola and mitigate herbicide resistance risks. Canadian farmers reported over 1.1 million acres of glyphosate resistant weeds in 2013, according to Stratus research. 

“We have a significant acreage of roundup-ready canola varieties that are being grown, which of course glyphosate has no control over,” says Wintonyk. “There’s also the concern that overuse of glyphosate now could result in losing the ability to use it for crop protection in the future due to resistance.”

While there are many post-harvest herbicides on the market, only one provides up to 21 days of SoilActive™ control – PrePass XC™. SoilActive technology offers extended control of key broadleaf weeds for up to 21 days in the spring after a fall application, ensuring that weeds present in fall or germinating in early spring are controlled.  

“The SoilActive property provides control of weeds that are still to be emerging for about a 21-day period,” Wintonyk says. “And with that extended control, you’re leaving the field a lot cleaner.”

For an extended interview with Brian Wintonyk and ag radio personality Dianne Finstad, listen to the clips below.