Where does your nitrogen go?

In this video Tom Jensen, Director at the International Plant Nutrition Institute describes how nitrogen moves, and how much of it growers can lose.  Also, learn how to protect it from Dow AgroSciences representatives Dustin Leskosky and Andrew Reese.

Have your soil tests indicated nitrogen losses?  Protect your fall fertilizer investment with a nitrogen stabilizer. N-Serve™, nitrogen stabilizer, helps keep the nitrogen you apply in the positive ammonium form longer so it is available the following spring when and where your plants need it most to optimize the yield and profit potential of your crops.

Recent soil tests conducted by Dow AgroSciences demonstrate that N-Serve does help keep nitrogen in the root zone longer. Nitrogen was applied in early October 2014 followed by soil testing two weeks after emergence in May 2015. The results show there was 81% more positive ammonium available and 21% more total available nitrogen with N-Serve compared to the untreated check.