Scientists try to break GoDRI RDT formulations

Tom Wolf is an independent spray technology scientist with Agrimetrix Research and Training. His research team took on the challenge of testing Dow AgroSciences’ new GoDRI™ Rapid Dispersion Technology, pushing it to the limits to see if they could make the formulation fail, in any way, during mixing and spraying.

Paradigm™, Dow AgroSciences first GoDRI formulation and Simplicity™ GoDRI™ (available in 2016) were put through extensive independent lab testing – repeatedly mixed in cold water (5◦ C), low pH, hard water, low water volume, and into tank mix “heels”.

“Despite what I would call difficult conditions for a herbicide to mix in, the mixing and dispersion was always complete,” confirms Wolf. “In all cases, without exception, the GoDRI formulations mixed thoroughly and did not get hung up in the nozzle screen.”

See for yourself how GoDRI formulations passed even the harshest mixing tests.