Milestone Approved on EsplAnade Herbicide Label

Milestone™ herbicide is now approved as a labelled tank mix partner on the EsplAnade herbicide label. In combination with EsplAnade™ herbicide, Milestone will provide season long bare-ground control of many broadleaf and invasive weeds. This combination has been used across Canada in research authorizations along with extensive operational use in the United States over the past two years.

Milestone specialty herbicide is manufactured and supported by Dow AgroSciences Canada. Milestone effectively controls invasive plants and broadleaf weeds and has been a trusted tool for professional applicators in Canada since 2006. Milestone contains aminopyralid and is Canada’s only Reduced Risk IVM herbicide.

Dow AgroSciences also supports the use of ClearView™ herbicide and Sightline™ herbicide in combination with EsplAnade herbicide under the Pest Management Regulatory Agency (PMRA) tank mix policy. Dow AgroSciences has conducted small plot research with EsplAnade Herbicide.  Combinations including Milestone, ClearView, and Sightline provided superior season long weed control results to other labelled tank mix partners on the EsplAnde label.

Dow AgroSciences Canada Supported Tank Mixes with EsplAnade Herbicide applied at 375mL/ha.

Dow AgroSciences Product





Invasive and broadleaf weed control



Hard to kill broadleaf weed control



Pre and post emergent kochia control

EsplAnade herbicide is manufactured by Bayer Environmental Sciences and has been approved by the PMRA.

For more information on Dow AgroSciences products for bare-ground control, please contact your IVM Expert.