Dow AgroSciences Announces Managed Introduction of Enlist Corn in Canada

Dow AgroSciences Announces Managed Introduction of Enlist Corn in Canada

Enlist Introduction to be stewarded Through Dow AgroSciences Canada Field Forward Program

Calgary, AB (May 9, 2014) – Dow AgroSciences today announced it will conduct a managed introduction of Enlist™ corn in Canada in 2014. The introduction will take place under the company’s Canada Field Forward™ program. This will be the first sale of Enlist corn globally.

Dow AgroSciences Canada Field Forward provides growers an exclusive opportunity to experience the company’s newest technologies before they are widely available. The program allows growers to manage new products on their farms under stewarded conditions and on commercial-size fields. Enlist is the first technology to be showcased within Dow AgroSciences Field Forward program.

“Enlist is innovative technology that advances modern farming,” says Jim Wispinski, President, Dow AgroSciences Canada. “This product was designed with the grower as a central focus. It’s exciting to see the technology get to the farm gate.”

Regulatory authorities in Canada approved Enlist corn and Enlist soybeans in 2012, and Enlist Duo™ Herbicide in 2013. Enlist crops have been approved for import by several countries, and are in the process for others. Dow AgroSciences anticipates a full commercial launch of Enlist corn will occur in Canada after regulatory approvals in additional key import geographies are secured.

The Enlist Weed Control System is a new herbicide-tolerant trait technology for corn and soybeans that builds on the glyphosate system, providing growers new advantages for the management of hard-to-control and resistant weeds. The traits provide tolerance to Enlist Duo Herbicide with Colex-D™ Technology, a proprietary blend of glyphosate and new 2,4-D choline.

Enlist Duo Herbicide retains the positive attributes of glyphosate and 2,4-D products, and provides exceptional weed control. The herbicide features Colex-D Technology, which delivers key user benefits, including ultra-low volatility, minimized potential for drift, decreased odour and improved handling characteristics.

Field Forward Locations Across Eastern Canada

Multiple Field Forward locations are set for Eastern Canada for 2014. Sites will be planted with Enlist corn in spring of 2014 and will be sprayed with Enlist Duo Herbicide. Growers will manage the technology according to the herbicide label and product use guide, and will employ best management practices from Dow AgroSciences. Farmers participating in the program will be engaged with Dow AgroSciences throughout the season as they evaluate and steward the technology on their farms. The growers will use the production from the Canada Field Forward sites on their farms upon harvest.

Plot Demonstrations and Training Activities Planned

In addition to the Field Forward sites planned for Canada, Dow AgroSciences will be conducting a full Canadian plot program in 2014 consisting of Seed Hybrid Sites and Dow AgroSciences Learning Sites in Ontario, Quebec and Manitoba. Growers, retailers and seed sellers will take part in field-based tours designed to familiarize them with all aspects of the Enlist technology, from product performance, to application and best management practices. This is part of Dow AgroSciences commitment to stewardship that will help farmers succeed, while promoting responsible use of the Enlist system.

About Dow AgroSciences Canada

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