New Flexibility Agreement™ gives canola growers needed options.

Calgary, AB (October 2, 2014) – Canadian canola growers now have the option to grow Nexera™ canola with or without a production contract in 2015. With the new 2015 Flexibility Agreement™, growers can grow Nexera to market as a commodity canola with the added potential of obtaining a delivery contract for the Omega-9 Oil premium in response to end-use demand.

“Nexera hybrids are once again yielding equal to leading competitive canola hybrids,” says Mark Woloshyn, Nexera canola leader. “For several years, growers have asked us for the opportunity to grow Nexera canola without the commitments associated with a production contract, allowing increased marketing flexibility.

"With the introduction of the 2015 Nexera Flexibility Agreement, growers get that opportunity along with unprecedented marketing flexibility,” says Woloshyn. “We have the hybrid performance and now the marketing options to suit every farm business.”

Nexera canola growers reap the benefits of strong yields and a premium on every contracted bushel as the only hybrid canola that produces Omega-9 Oil. Heart-healthy Omega-9 Oil provides a high-quality product to end users in the food industry who value the oil for its long shelf life and zero trans fats.

“Omega-9 Oil is in demand by the food industry as companies are making the shift to more health-conscious products,” Woloshyn says. “This is a great opportunity for our growers to capitalize on as it provides a win-win outcome – a higher quality product for the end-user and premiums for the growers.”

Nexera canola hybrids are recognized for their strong disease resistance, excellent standability and unbeatable profitability. With five high-performing canola hybrids, including new 2020 CL with Nexera’s strongest disease package yet, growers can choose the variety that best suits their geography and operation.

Adding to the benefit of flexibility, Dow AgroSciences is also offering a rebate for growers who take advantage of the new option for flexible marketing. Growers who sign a Flexibility Agreement will automatically qualify for a $50 per bag offer, making the pricing of Nexera canola competitive with leading commodity seed offers.

To sign a Nexera Flexibility Agreement, growers can contact their local Dow AgroSciences representative, an authorized Nexera canola independent retail, or an authorized Nexera canola Co-op retail. Visit for more information about the Flexibility Agreement and Nexera canola hybrids.