Simplicity™ GoDRI™ announced at Ag In Motion Farm Expo

July 21, 2015 (Langham, Sask) – Dow AgroSciences announced today Simplicity™ herbicide will be available in their new GoDRI™ RDT formulation in 2016, and be called Simplicity™ GoDRI™.

Wheat growers can expect the same elite wild oat control, plus bonus broadleaf weed control, as the original liquid formulation, with the added benefit of Dow AgroSciences GoDRI™ Rapid Dispersion Technology (RDT).

“It’s nothing like old dry formulations. As the name suggests, the product disperses rapidly and completely for the duration of spraying, ensuring the grower can keep going with our DRI formulations, without any concern of plugging, settling or residue,” says Kerry Freeman, Portfolio Marketing Leader with Dow AgroSciences. “Our GoDRI RDT formulations will deliver the added convenience of smaller packaging, excellent in-tank product performance with a concentrated product that won’t freeze – all without compromising superior weed control.”

Simplicity GoDRI will continue to provide growers with:

  • Superior performance
    • Elite wild oat control, plus bonus broadleaf weed control
  • Wide window of application
    • Can be applied up to the emergence of the flag leaf
  • Resistance management
    • Controls Group 1 resistant wild oats
  • Complete rotational freedom
  • Convenience
  • Tank-mix flexibility

Simplicity GoDRI is the second product available from Dow AgroSciences in the GoDRI RDT formulation. The first was Paradigm herbicide, launched in 2015. For more information on Dow AgroSciences GoDRI RDT formulation watch the video below.