Fall fertilizer pricing

Fall is typically a good time for growers to price fertilizer says David Asbridge, President and Senior Economist for NPK Fertilizer Advisory Service, in this interview with Dianne Finstad.

The combination of a high US dollar plus falling crop prices, has the industry not seeing really strong fertilizer demand, explains Asbridge. Supply and demand forces would dictate growers should be able to purchase, as has been typical nine years out of ten, their fertilizer at a lower price in the fall.

“Growers like the two-fold fall application advantage – cheaper fall fertilizer prices and getting their fertilizer application done before spring’s work,” says Kerry Freeman, Portfolio Marketing Leader for Dow AgroSciences. “By protecting their nitrogen investment with N-Serve or eNtrench growers can securely take fall delivery of their nitrogen purchase, get it fall applied and know it’ll be available when they seed in the spring – it’s a huge advantage.”