Growers win with Dow AgroSciences

In addition to learning more about the latest crop production innovations, growers visiting the Dow AgroSciences tent – at the first ever Ag in Motion Farm Expo held outside Langham, Sask. from July 21-23 – also got the chance to win valuable prizes. The confirmed winners are:

Bob Greschuk from Elstow, Sask. is the Grand Prize winner of 160 acres of Paradigm and Simplicity™ GoDRI™ PLUS a new Chevy Truck (1 yr/20,000 km lease with Saskatchewan Motor Products) courtesy of Dow AgroSciences and Glacier Media.

The daily winners of 8 bags of Nexera™ canola seed included John Wurz from Asquith, Sask., Kim Medernach from Cudworth, Sask., and Darrell Tangen from Stewart Valley, Sask.

Thanks to every grower that entered, and spent part of their day with the Dow AgroSciences team at Ag in Motion.