Stellar™ XL all-in-one formulation now registered

January 26, 2016 (Calgary, Alberta) – The newly registered, all-in-one Stellar™ XL formulation reduces product volume by 40 per cent. Oat, barley and wheat growers will gain the convenience of 240-acre drums, plus get early and effective broadleaf weed control that is easy on crops.

“Growers use Stellar for its higher performance on cleavers, chickweed, hemp-nettle, kochia, wild buckwheat and more,” says Lorne Thoen, Dow AgroSciences Product Manager. “Now they’ll also like the added convenience of the new all-in-one formulation. Forty percent less total product volume and packaging means a lot less time rinsing and disposing of jugs for increased efficiency at spray season.”

Stellar XL also provides growers flexibility on several management fronts, including resistance management. Its two unique modes of action and three active ingredients provide overlapping Multi-Mode of Action activity on hard-to-kill weeds, plus control of Group 2-resistant cleavers, hemp-nettle and Group 2 and 9 resistant kochia.

“Its Multi-Mode of Action, early application timing, and complete re-cropping flexibility helps growers manage their application timing and rotations, all while getting effective broadleaf weed control, especially in oats,” explains Thoen.

Along with their recently announced Simplicity™ GoDRI™ formulation, Dow AgroSciences continues to demonstrate their commitment to making an already highly effective herbicide portfolio even better, with formulation improvements delivering more convenience for growers.

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