New Reclaim II will support Pasture Management in Western Canada



New Reclaim II Will Support Pasture Management in Western Canada

Cattle producers and landowners have a convenient new option to control weeds and brush for effective pasture and land management.

Reclaim™ II provides the same broad-spectrum control of invasive plants, shrubs and broadleaf weeds as Reclaim, but additional weeds have been added to the label, including baby's breath, diffuse knapweed, orange hawkweed, purple loosestrife, wild parsnip, yellow hawkweed and more.

“Cattle producers and landowners can count on new Reclaim II to provide extended, broad-spectrum control of tough weeds, shrubs and invasive plants to support increased grass production and pasture sustainability,” said Carmen Holding, a Specialties Product Manager with Dow AgroSciences.

Reclaim II controls a range of challenging weed problems for up to 24 months – including Canada thistle, buckbrush, dandelion, wild rose, wolf willow and more. It contains a Group 4 active ingredient that works like a natural growth-regulating hormone found only in plants. Reclaim II works through multiple modes of action.

“The new Reclaim II formulation is more concentrated, which has improved handling and ease of use,” Holding adds.

Reclaim II recently received the approval of the Pest Management Regulatory Agency. It was developed by Dow AgroSciences, a leader in vegetation management solutions in Canada, and is part of the Range & Pasture portfolio – products designed to provide effective tree, brush and invasive weed control for cattle producers and landowners who take pride in the stewardship of their land and stock.

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