Just Go

Dow AgroSciences is redefining weed control performance with new Arylex™ Active. Arylex active is a powerful Group 4 active, found in both Paradigm™ and Pixxaro™ herbicides, which allows you to just "GO" - when you want, in the conditions you’ve got. It delivers unparalleled broadleaf control and much-needed benefits in both wheat and barley - Arylex active GO Benefits:

  • Works across hot, cold, wet or dry conditions
  • Works across multiple crop and weed stages
  • Worry-free broadleaf control
  • Lower application rates, easy-to-use formulations
  • More good sprays, less stress
Pixxaro Herbicide

  • All the GO Benefits of Arylex Active.
  • Kochia concerns, including Group 2 resistant kochia? Go Pixxaro.
  • Excellent tank mix partner with any grassy weed product including Liquid Achieve™.
Paradigm Herbicide

  • All the GO Benefits of Arylex Active.
  • Kochia not a concern. Go Paradigm.
  • Resistance management built in with Multi Mode of Action.
  • The perfect tank mix partner for Simplicity™ GoDRI™.
  • Super concentrated and convenient GoDRI™ Rapid Dispersion Technology (RDT).