Broadstrike™ RC

Use Broadstrike™ RC in conventional, conservation tillage or no-till corn and soybean production systems to control a wide range of broadleaf weeds. Broadstrike RC offers a one‑pass, soil-applied weed control solution for use in all field corn hybrids and all soybean varieties.


  • Early removal of broadleaf weeds, with residual for season-long control
  • Outstanding crop safety in all soybean varieties and field corn hybrids
  • Control of hard-to-control, no-till weeds – Canada fleabane and wild carrot
  • Reduced passes over the field
  • Ability to tank mix with glyphosate

Broadstrike RC logo


Crops & Crop Rotation


Rate based on crop. See label for details.

Tank Mixes and Mixing Instructions

When to Apply

Broadstrike RC can be applied at the following times:

  • PPI – preplant incorporated
  • SPP – surface preplant/early preplant
  • PRE – preemergence
  • Early postemergence (corn only)