ClearView™ Brush

ClearView Brush Herbicide from Dow AgroSciences will provide effective control of woody species, shrubs and broadleaf weeds for professional rights-of-way managers. ClearView Brush is the next generation of ClearView, and contains Canada's only Reduced Risk active registered for vegetation management. ClearView Brush will provide broad-spectrum, reliable results you can trust.


  • Provides broad-spectrum control of hard-to-control woody species, shrubs, broadleaf and invasive weeds on rights-of-ways.
  • Contains Canada's only Reduced Risk active to competitive standards.
  • Controls through multiple modes of action for improved results.
  • Safe to grass.
  • Enables applications up to the drip line of non-target woody species for an excellent tool on outside edges of rights-of-ways.
  • Safe to wildlife and the environment.
  • Excellent user safety profile and ease of use.
  • Trusted support from Dow AgroSciences for peace of mind in your vegetation management program.
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