Goal™ 2XL

Goal™ 2XL delivers contact and long-lasting control of select broadleaf weeds. With pre- and post-emergence activity, Goal™ 2XL continues to control weeds for up to 10 months following application.


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Weeds controlled

  • Common purslane
  • Cupped nightshade (potato weed)
  • Eastern black nightshade
  • Field pansy
  • Lady’s thumb
  • Lamb’s-quarters
  • Maple-leaved goosefoot
  • Oak-leaved goosefoot
  • Redroot pigweed
  • Wild buckwheat
  • Wood sorrel

Weeds Suppressed

  • Primocane

Crops & Crop Rotation

  • Balsam fir, 
  • Fraser fir
  • White spruce 
  • White pine
  • Broccoli
  • Cabbage
  • Cauliflower
  • Hybrid poplars
  • Onion (dry bulb only)
  • Red raspberry
  • Strawberry


Rate based on crop. See label for details.

When to Apply

Dependent on crop. Use as indicated on product label.


3 hours

Tank Mixes and Mixing Instructions

Tank mixes
  • No registered tank mixes.

Mixing Instructions
  1. Maintain sufficient agitation during mixing and spraying to ensure a uniform spray mixture.
  2. Do not add oils or surfactants to the spray mixture.
  3. Fill the spray tank with water to 1/2 the total spray volume required. 
  4. Start agitation. 
  5. Add required amount of product per hectare. 
  6. Continue mixing and agitation while filling the spray tank to the required volume.

Grazing & Harvest

  • Onion – Do not apply within 56 days of harvest.
  • Raspberry – Do not apply within 50 days of harvest.
  • Strawberry – Do not apply within 150 days of harvest.
  • Broccoli, cabbage, cauliflower – Do not apply within 60 days of harvest.

Application Guidelines

Ground application

  • Goal must be applied in sufficient water per hectare on a broadcast basis.
  • Use a lowpressure herbicide sprayer that applies the spray uniformly.
  • Be sure to properly calibrate the sprayer before application and check frequently during use to ensure proper calibration and uniform application.
  • Avoid drift onto susceptible crops.

Aerial application

  • Not registered for aerial application.