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Delegate™ Insecticide

Rapid knockdown  and long lasting control of many pests in a wide range of crops.


  • Performance. Quick and effective control of important chewing pests.
  • Resistance management. Delegate contains a unique Group 5 active ingredient, making it an excellent tool in most IPM programs.
  • Ease of use. Low use rates delivered through a convenient dry formulation.
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Insects controlled
  • Apple clearwing moth
  • Apple maggot
  • Armyworm
  • Asparagus beetle
  • Blackheaded fireworm
  • Blueberry flea beetle
  • Blueberry spanworm
  • Cabbage looper
  • Cherry fruitfly
  • Codling moth
  • Colorado potato beetle
  • Cranberry tipworm
  • Diamondback moth
  • Dogwood borer
  • European corn  borer
  • Eye spotted bud moth
  • Grapeberry moth
  • Imported cabbageworm
  • Leafminer
  • Leafroller
  • Leek moth
  • Oriental fruit moth
  • Plum curcuilo
  • Sparganothis fruitworm
  • Spotted wind drosphila
  • Thrips
  • Walnut and butternut curcuilo
  • Walnut husk fly
  • Western bean cutworm
  • Winter moth

Crops & Crop Rotation


  • Asparagus
  • Barley
  • Basil
  • Brassica (cole) leafy vegetables
  • Bulb vegetables
  • Bushberries
  • Caneberries
  • Corn (field, sweet, seed, and popcorn)
  • Cranberries
  • Dill
  • Fruiting vegetables
  • Grapes
  • Leafy vegetables
  • Leaves of root vegetables
  • Oats
  • Pome fruits
  • Potatoes
  • Root vegetables
  • Rye
  • Soybeans
  • Stone fruits
  • Strawberry
  • Tree nuts


Rate based on crop and pest. See label for details.

When to Apply

Dependent on pest. Use as indicated on product label.


2 hours

Tank Mixes and Mixing Instructions

Tank mixes
  • No registered tank mixes
  • Talk to your Dow AgroSciences representative or call the Solutions Center 1-800-667-3852 prior to tank mixing
Mixing Instructions
  1. Apply in sufficient water to ensure thorough coverage.
  2. Fill the spray tank with water to 1/2 the total spray volume required. Start agitation.
  3. Ensure the pH of the water is between 5 and 9. Adjust if necessary.
  4. Add required amount of product per hectare.
  5. Continue mixing and agitation while filling the spray tank to the required volume.

Grazing & Harvest

Fruit crops
  • Pome fruit, grapes – Do not apply within 7 days of harvest.
  • Cherry - Do not apply within 5 days of harvest
  • Bushberries, plums, prunes, apricots – Do not apply within 3 days of harvest.
  • Caneberries, peach, nectarine, strawberry – Do not apply within 1 day of harvest.
  • Cranberry – Do not apply within 21 days of harvest.
  • Tree nuts - Do not apply within 14 days of harvest
Vegetable crops
  • Brassica (cole) leafy vegetables, fruiting vegetables, leafy vegetables, sweet corn, basil – Do not apply within 1 day of harvest.
  • Bulb vegetables – Do not apply within 3 days of harvest.
  • Asparagus – Do not apply within 60 days of harvest.
  • Root vegetables – Do not apply within 5 days of harvest.
  • Potatoes – Do not apply within 7 days of harvest.
  • Greenhouse cucumber, greenhouse fruiting vegetables, greenhouse lettuce - Do not apply within 2 days of harvest
  • Popcorn - Do not apply within 28 days of harvest
  • Dill seed - Do not apply within 14 days of harvest.
Field crops
  • Soybean, field corn – Do not apply within 28 days of harvest.
  • Cereals – Do not apply within 21 days of harvest.
  • Seed corn - Do not apply within 1 day of harvest

Application Guidelines

Ground application:
  • Use spray equipment capable of thorough coverage of the crop, ensuring uniform coverage of the target pest.
Aerial application: Potatoes and Corn (field, sweet, seed and popcoren)Only:
  • DO NOT apply during periods of dead calm. Avoid application of this product when winds are gusty. DO NOT apply when wind speed is greater than 16 km/h at flying height at the site of application. DO NOT apply with spray droplets smaller than the American Society of Agricultural Engineers (ASAE S572.1) fine classification. To reduce drift caused by turbulent wingtip vortices, the nozzle distribution along the spray boom length MUST NOT exceed 65% of the wing- or rotorspan. 
  • Apply only by fixed-wing or rotary aircraft equipment which has been functionally and operationally calibrated for the atmospheric conditions of the area and the application rates and conditions of this label. 
  • Label rates, conditions and precautions are product specific. Read and understand the entire label before opening this product. Apply only at the rate recommended for aerial application on this label. Where no rate for aerial application appears for the specific use, this product cannot be applied by any type of aerial equipment.