Why work at DAS India

The biggest reason is the Impact that DAS enables you to make on the company, people and the planet.

As a DAS team member you have the freedom and opportunity to directly impact business performance from your first day on the job. At DAS you will have opportunities to work with and learn from colleagues all over the globe, which will stride you to enlarge your role and define your growth path and carve your career.

A career at Dow AgroSciences offers tremendous opportunities for professional, as well as personal growth and is limited only by your imagination. We have a strong Career Development program to help you achieve all of your career goals and ambitions. Development is a priority in Dow' ever-evolving work environment, where our performance culture comes to life as Dow employees continually apply the skills necessary for Dow to win in the global marketplace. Simply put, we invest in our employees to keep them at the forefront of their respective fields. Opportunities range from daily on-the-job learning, participation in global cross-functional project teams, mentoring, classroom training, online learning, and participation in employee networks.

We also offer outstanding compensation and recognition programs.