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About Piccor®

  • Piccor® is a new generation fungicide based on advance strobilurin technology.
  • Piccor® provides strong protection against multiple diseases in potato, grapes, tomato and chilli.

Features of Piccor®

  • Piccor® is a mixture of Pyraclostrobin and Metiram.
  • Pyraclostrobin is an excellent inhibitor of spore germination- protectant activity.
  • Metiram further strengthens the action of Pyraclostrobin.
  • Physiological action of Piccor® adds to value proposition.

Crops treated with

  • Potato, Grapes, Tomato

How does it work?

  • Pyraclostrobin is an excellent inhibitor of spore germination owing to its protectant activity.
  • It has translaminar activity wherein it penetrates the leaves minutes after application and diffuses over short distances within the leaf tissues and forms deposits.
  • It even reaches in the areas of epicuticular waxy layer that has not been treated.
  • It controls fungi from many clases by blocking the mitochondrial electron transport and thus inhibiting the fungus energy supply as a result of which the fungus dies.
  • Metiram is contact fungicide with preventive action. It prevents germination of spores and interferes with the development of germ tubes of fungi.