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About Clincher®

  • Clincher® a systemic post-emergence herbicide for the control of grassy weeds in direct seeded rice.
  • Clincher® can be used with fields that are partially flooded or drained provided weeds are exposed to spray; thus provides flexibility for various water management practices.
  • It has wide window of application, low potential for drift issues to neighboring broadleaf crops.
  • It is not persistent in the environment.

Features of Clincher®

  • Clincher® has the active ingredient, cyhalofop-butyl that belongs to the aryloxyphenoxy propionate group of compounds.
  • It is very safe to rice crop owing to selectivity offered by differential metabolism of the cyhalofop-butyl by rice and target weeds

Crops treated with Clincher®

  • Rice

How does it work?

  • Clincher® controls target weeds by acting as a fatty acid synthesis inhibitor (inhibits that enzyme Acetyl CoA carboxylase) in weed plants.