About Gardenclean®

  • Gardenclean® is a pre-emergence herbicide based on an innovative formulation technology for an easy to use product with a high active ingredient loading and reliable residual performance.
  • It provides control of annual grasses as well as select broadleaf weeds.

Features of

  • Gardenclean® contains pendimethalin, a proven and versatile member of dinitro aniline chemistry formulated in capsule suspension (CS).
  • It provides increased surface stability (Reduced Volatilization), less binding to crop and weed residues, water based- so doesn't contain organic solvent, improved toxicity profile and crop safety and less staining compared to EC formulation of the molecule.

Crops treated with

  • Cotton
  • Soybean

How does it work?

  • Gardenclean® inhibits mitosis- affecting cell division which is a key process in growing points (meristem) of weed plants.