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About Goal®

  • Goal® is a selective, contact herbicide providing control of annual broad-leaf weeds, some grasses and suppression of some perennials.
  • It has pre-emergence as well as targeted post-emergence activity.

Features of Goal®

  • Goal® contains oxyfluorfen as active ingredient which belongs to diphenyl ether.
  • As pre-emergence, Goal® forms a chemical barrier on the soil surface and affects weed plants through direct contact at emergence.
  • Actively growing plants are very susceptible to Goal® as post-emergence action.

Crops treated with Goal®

  • Onion, Tea, Potato, Groundnut, Direct Seeded Rice, Mint

How does it work?

  • Goal® inhibits specific enzyme, Protoporphyinogen oxidase, which leads to accumulation of phototoxic heme and chlorophyll precursors, which in presence of light, produce activated oxygen species.
  • These oxygen species disrupts membrane. Sunlight is essential for performance of Oxyfluorfen.