About Granite™

  • Granite™ is a systemic herbicide for broad spectrum weed control in rice crop.
  • It controls key grass (annual species of Echinochloa), broadleaf and sedge weeds.
  • It is a completely safe to the rice crop as well as succeeding crops at recommended dose.

Features of Granite™

  • It contains penoxsulam as the active ingredient, a member of Triazolopyrimidine Sulfonamide family.
  • Penoxsulam is the largest selling rice herbicide in the world, used in all major rice growing countries.
  • Penoxsulam has been given a Reduced Risk Herbicide status by United States Environment Protection Agency (USEPA).

Crops treated with Granite™

  • Rice

How does it work?

  • Granite™ causes death of target weeds by inhibiting the plant enzyme Aceto Lactate Synthase (ALS).
  • Inhibition of ALS stops synthesis of amino acids which affects protein synthesis and cell division ultimately leading to death of target weeds.
  • Granite™ provides dual action to control target weeds: Its application at 1-3 leaf stage which generally coincides with 8-12 days after transplanting, controls germinated weeds present in the field (1st action). Application at this stage also reduces fresh germination of weeds which was expected to come from subsequent flushes of weeds (2nd action).