Seeds and Traits

We, at Dow AgroSciences India, are committed to increase crop productivity through high yielding hybrids seeds and biotechnological solutions. We are global leaders in hybrid seeds, which are customized based on the agronomical requirements of different geographies. Our seeds and traits research is aimed at increasing yields for farmers and growers by improving genetics and stress tolerance, and by helping to ensure effective weed and insect control.

In order to contribute to India?s food and nutritional security goals, Dow AgroSciences is determined to deliver sustainable agriculture solutions that enhance the productivity of both soil and crop. We use insights generated from our farmer network to introduce sustainable agriculture solutions to boost agriculture productivity to keep pace with the growing needs of our rapidly increasing population. Our focus on innovating for human and environmental progress has established us as the industry leaders, globally.

Proprietary Genetics + Industry Leading Traits = Breakthrough Hybrids

Dow AgroSciences is one of the few companies to have access to the globally developed germplasm and traits. We are dedicated to transform today?s agricultural landscape through our dedicated products for corn, soybean, cotton, silage, sunflower, canola, alfalfa and grain sorghum.

Our History

After years of research and breeding, Dow AgroSciences India launched its seed business in 2013 with D4141 hybrid. Through our continued research and development, we are working to develop new generation Corn and Cotton germplasm base and Traits that would help the Indian farming community to maximize their yields.

Our Operations

  • Dow AgroSciences India Office - Mumbai
  • Seeds Processing Plant - Hyderabad
  • R&D Station - Hyderabad

Research and Development

Our R&D is aimed to enhance yields through improved genetics and stress tolerance that ensure effective weed and insect management. We believe that research and strategic collaborations will help us in producing much more resilient crops.

To support this approach, we are continually investing in breeding programs to introduce high-performance genetics that lead to more opportunities to maximize the yield potential of your acres. Through local testing, we can customize our products to suit the needs of different geographies. We strive to provide better products adapted to local conditions that bring value and build trust among the farming community.

Research Locations

  • Seeds R&D main station at Hyderabad, Telangana
  • 2 satellite stations at Aurangabad and Bengaluru

Our Products


Our new generation corn hybrids are designed to harvest high yields, suitable for stress and disease tolerance.


  • Medium maturity hybrid
  • Hybrid suitable Kharif rainfed & low input conditions.
  • Good moisture stress tolerance
  • Suitable for light soil type
  • Orange grain color


  • Medium maturing hybrid
  • Recommended for irrigated segments of Karnataka, Telangana, AP, Maharashtra
  • Bold grain with high yielding potential


  • Medium maturity hybrid
  • Suitable for low and high management conditions
  • Long ears Good standability


  • Recommended for spring season of Punjab and UP.
  • Suitable for high density planting
  • Reasonable heat tolerance
  • Suitable for silage purpose


Dow AgroSciences India plans to introduce WideStrike™ Insect Resistant transgenic cotton technology for effective insect management, to the Indian markets.

The two-gene insect protection trait expresses two proteins from Bacillus thuringiensis (Bt) in cotton plants:

  • WideStrike™ is the trade name of DAS Insect Resistant transgenic cotton
  • Breeding stack of 2 independent events Cry1Ac (3006-210-23) & Cry1F (281-24-236) expressing Cry1Ac and Cry1F proteins, respectively
  • Covers broad spectrum of lepidopteran pests
  • Effective against Bollworms and Spodoptera
  • Provides 24*7 protection throughout the growing season