Responsible Care

Commitment to responsible Care

Responsible Care® is a voluntary initiative within the global chemical industry to promote safe handling of products across the value chain: from the research laboratory, through production, distribution, use and disposal.

Dow AgroSciences is committed to managing its activities and products safely, continuously improving environmental, health and safety performance, and being responsive to the concerns of communities and other members of the public. Responsible Care® provides a framework to help manage, measure and communicate this global commitment.

Adherence to a high level of health and safety standards enables Dow AgroSciences to protect consumers, neighboring farmers and farm workers. The company also seeks ways to minimize the environmental impact of its products, while maintaining their effectiveness.

The Lote plant has been awarded the Responsible Care® status in 2011 after implementation of best practices in Environment, Health and Safety, combined with regular training.

Dow AgroSciences has received four US Presidential Green Chemistry Challenge Awards, which recognize chemical technologies that incorporate the principles of green chemistry into chemical design, manufacture and use.

The Lote plant in Maharashtra, India, was awarded the Certificate of Excellence in the Chemicals & Fertilizers industry category for meritorious performance in industrial safety during the year 2014, the award was felicitated by the Maharashtra chapter of the National Safety Council.