We are committed to the sustainable management of insects, weeds and fungal infections in horticultural crops across New Zealand. Our range of pest management tools offer a range of solutions to help combat and protect against pest and disease outbreaks that have the potential to reduce the marketable value of your crop.

Integrated Pest management (IPM) acknowledges the role that beneficial insects play in keeping problem insects under control. Our range of IPM insecticides offer selective, targeted control of problem pests, minimising the disruption to the beneficial insects.

Weed management is integral part of the production system. Weeds compete for water, nutrients and sunlight as well as harbour insects and disease. Our range of herbicides offer a range of control options whether it be knockdown, residual or selective weed control.

Disease management can easily get out of hand if not managed correctly. A good disease management strategy incorporates both protective and curative fungicide options. Whether it be insects, weeds or disease, a sound knowledge of chemical resistance management will ensure continued  effectiveness  into the future. Over use of any one chemistry group with the same mode of action (MOA) can lead to resistant populations, to ensure that resistance does not occur, rotate with chemistries from a different MOA.