Farmers urged not to gamble with gorse control

Gorse is a perennial brushweed that was originally introduced to New Zealand as a hedge plant and marginal fodder crop for domestic stock. It is estimated to have spread over 900,000 hectares¹ of New Zealand farmland.

Being a legume gorse grows quickly and can out compete pasture for water, light and nutrients and thereby reduce grazing capacity. Gorse flowers twice each year, once in the autumn and again in the spring/summer – after which it will produce seeds that can remain in the soil for decades before germinating.² Seed populations of up to 6,000 seeds per square metre are not uncommon in the top soil and disturbance will trigger germination. In particular, heat from fire, will strongly promote germination.

Tordon Brushkiller XTTM reliably controls brushweeds thanks to its combination of three active ingredients. Uniquely, Tordon Brushkiller XT is the only brushweed herbicide to contain an extremely powerful active ingredient called aminopyralid.

Unlike other herbicides that simply burn off brushweed foliage, aminopyralid is systemic which means that it moves throughout the treated plant – including down into the roots, thereby preventing regrowth of treated bushes. Aminopyralid residues remain active in the soil after application to prevent germination of new gorse seedlings and if applied to flowering gorse prior to seed maturity, Tordon Brushkiller XT will sterilise the seed and reduce the future weed burden. Only Tordon Brushkiller XT with aminopyralid offers this high level of control.

Because Tordon Brushkiller XT is grass friendly, pasture grazing potential is maximised after spraying and existing pasture grasses re-establish quickly to help prevent the germination of secondary invasive weeds, therefore full pasture productivity is restored more quickly.

Tordon Brushkiller XT is highly versatile and can be used to control gorse, broom, blackberry, woolly nightshade, wattles, tutus, lupin and many annual broadleaf weeds. Reliable and robust in both aerial and gun and hose applications, it is recommended that Tordon Brushkiller XT be applied with Boost™ penetrant for optimal results. After application, gorse may take 18-24 months to fully break down, so it is recommended that the treated area is monitored for any plants that may have escaped the initial treatment. These can then be targeted with a follow-up spray. Over-sow areas of previously dense infestations in order to rapidly re-establish grasses that will prevent infestation of invasive secondary weeds. Avoid pugging, cultivation or burning, as this will encourage germination of any remaining viable seed in the soil.