New herbicide technology – Rexade™ The perfect ‘all-rounder’

Rexade™ is a breakthrough herbicide from Dow Agrosciences which adds significant value to New Zealand wheat and triticale farmers allowing “one pass” weed, pest & disease control in wheat & triticale up to growth stage 31.

Trialed and developed in NZ specifically for NZ conditions, Rexade is the new benchmark for the control grass weed AND broadleaf weeds. Historically, grass weed herbicides could not be mixed with broadleaf herbicides, as they were known to cause antagonism, thereby reducing their effectiveness. This meant separate herbicide applications, sometimes weeks apart. To have a new herbicide that does BOTH grass and broadleaf weeds in a single pass is a significant technological breakthrough, saving time and money. Additionally, new formulation technology compliments the product. Formulating Rexade using ‘GoDri™ RDT™’ (water dispersible granule) technology allows it to be safely mixed with a host of different fungicides and insecticides to truly maximize efficiencies on farm.

Rexade GoDri™ RDT™ technology is highly concentrated, easy to measure and disperses immediately once added to water and will not plug nozzles, screens or filters. Rexade is available in convenient 2kg packs with a single low dose rate of 100gms of product/ha.

Rexade contains two unique active ingredients, pyroxsulam and Arylex™ which combined are highly effective at controlling wild oats, rye grasses and brome grass as well as many significant broadleaf weeds such as fumitory, chickweed, cleavers, field pansy, speedwell to name a few.

Pyroxulam, belonging to triazolopyrimidine sulfonamide group ‘B’ chemical family and is ideally suited as a rotation partner with Group ‘A’ herbicides to help manage grass weed resistance.

Resistance to grass weeds is fast becoming an issue for Canterbury farmers. Wild oats and rye grass in particular have been identified as high risk. Historically group ‘A’ herbicides which include the ‘fops’ ‘dims’ and ‘dens’ have been over used resulting in poor weed control. Resistance management strategies are needed to restrict the problem. The most effective strategy is to rotate chemistries with a different mode of action (MoA). Best results are achieved when weeds are treated whilst they are small, using full label rates and restricting use to a single application per season.

Rexade offers a highly flexible window of application between 3 leaf to 1st node (GS13-31) to control a number of key grass AND broadleaf weeds not controlled by Firebird® herbicide. The weed spectrums of Rexade & Firebird are very complimentary and Rexade is ideally suited as the first post-emergence grass weed herbicide following pre-emergence applications of Firebird.

In summary, Rexade is a new herbicide that offers one pass grass AND broadleaf weed control in wheat and triticale. Rexade is well suited as a resistance management rotation partner for wild oats, rye grass and brome grass whilst also controlling hard to kill broadleaf weeds such a fumitory. Rexade is the ideal first choice post emergent herbicide that will save you time and money.


Firebird® registered tradename of Bayer