Product Stewardship

At Dow AgroSciences, product stewardship is the responsible and sustainable management of our agricultural chemical and biotechnology products throughout their life cycle. The life cycle involves the development, production, distribution, use, and end-of-life management of our products.

Dow AgroSciences has a fundamental concern for all who make, distribute, and use its products and for the environment in which we live. We are committed to being a leader in product stewardship.

Dow AgroSciences is a member of the American Chemistry Council’s Responsible Care® initiative and a founding member of the plant biotechnology industry’s Excellence Through Stewardship® program.


Crop Protection

Using the Guiding Principles of Responsible Care®, Dow AgroSciences is committed to making health, safety and environmental protection an integral part of the design, production, marketing, distribution and use of our products.

From discovery and development of a product to its delivery and use in the market, Dow AgroSciences ensures good stewardship practices are in place every step of the way.

®Responsible Care is a registered servicemark of American Chemistry Council (ACC)